Art of Feminine Presence 10 Week Programme begins April 2024- contact me for further details

Explore Your True Essence. Reveal It To The World.

Free yourself from fear, reclaim your sovereign power and manifest your heart's desire.

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I help you heal so you can express your true being. Centered, strong and wildly courageous.

It takes time to heal. This is something that needs to be explored with sensitivity and trust. Giving yourself the time to share your story can be liberating and in itself, healing and releasing. Giving up the past so that it no longer impacts your daily life leads to freedom and wholeness. We can feel trapped by the choices we make in our relationships and life. But we are greater than our choices and with free will we can begin to explore the meaning of our sovereignty and unique presence on the planet.

1:1 Healing and Coaching

Putting you back in charge of your life’s circumstances. Feel empowered, heard and liberated at a deep level. I'm here to listen, so that you can reveal your true nature to yourself. Liberate your love, kindness, spectacular beauty and guide yourself to inner freedom from all that holds you back. Release expectations and needs. Everything you have ever wanted is available for you to manifest and enjoy, today.

Kinesiology Investment starts $195 AUD for 90mins

1/2 day Private Coaching $495 aud for 4.5 hours

Who it’s for:
This is for you if you’re ready to explore and bring to life what you truly desire. It’s time to take action.It can be difficult to share what hurts the most. But you’re tired of having to feel the same negative patterns and self judgment. And you don’t want to keep circling with doubts and confusion in your mind. You’re ready to put down the mask of who you think you are, and in doing so, become more than you ever thought imaginable.

What’s involved?
A centering practice that you can use anytime, anywhere.
With the right combination of healing tools that are perfectly chosen just for you, embark on a tailored experience. Begin your journey either in person or online with a visualisation practice to connect you with your energetic power center, also known as your Hara, Dan Tein or ‘womb space’. Continue your experience over the perfect amount of sessions and discover a profound truth; you are fully in control of any given moment. There is a magical space that opens up within you. The right words are spoken. You will surprise others and yourself with your calmness and strength, clarity and direction. This is not a temporary change that dissipates overnight. This is about building one solid foundation that is subsequently built upon using the same practices. It’s not about doing more. It’s about doing less, thinking less and holding tight to the slivers of your awakening soul light. Breathe into them, feed your inner truth, those intimate and deeply held desires and passions. And never let go of the radiant striking human that shows up.  

Group Healing

Your mind releases from the everyday. Your spirit breathes creation and wonder. Your body softens and relaxes and your soul is uplifted with joy. You glow with infinite self love and awareness, fully supported and embraced by those around you. Nurtured, safe and deliciously in harmony with your desired intentions. Join us for a sacred circle, group sound healing, Art of Feminine Presence or Art of Masculine Presence group workshops.

Investment starts at $40 AUD

Who it’s for:
For all that are ready to embrace their divine inherent power, shake off the shackles of limited paradigm thinking and be open to receive the blessings of their true spiritual authority.

What’s involved?
Connection is our greatest asset. Holding someone’s attention is the touchstone of our society. Being seen and heard in a safe and loving circle is one of the most ancient and deepest desires of humankind. With the loving support of a group of people on the same path as you, you realise that you are not alone. In group healing an intention is set by all – to call in the highest and best intentions. Just as you can feel the energy in a room, with positive intention, when you call in each member of your spiritual team to be present, it creates an energetic space of miraculous transformation and liberation, in the most perfect way.

More love for Tess
    “I’ve come to Tess for kinesiology sessions for over 10 years. I use it as a general check up on my mental, spiritual, emotional and physical health. I love that it’s a holistic approach to wellbeing, incorporating all the things I love about complementary therapy, including essential oils, meditation and sound healing. I feel like it keeps me balanced to tackle life.”

    ~ Carey Kawaka
    Many years ago I brought my son to see Tess for ADHD issues. Within two sessions his behaviour calmed significantly – he was very much happier and his teachers very appreciative. I thought I would have a go and I was completely blown away with how powerful this work is. I have been with Tess for over a decade and still refer friends, colleagues and clients to her. The work has completely transformed my life. I am so much happier, calmer and self aware. I highly recommend Tess and kinesiology.

    ~ Kathy Menon
    Coming to Tess is like coming home. She helps guide me back to myself.

    ~ Corrina
    “Tess has a gift of helping people by making you feel safe and comfortable every time. Although I’ve only had a few sessions with her, I feel that she has helped me let go of the past so that I can start living the life that I want. Kinesiology is subtle and takes time but it’s worth trying.”

    ~ Kristian Bentley
    Tess is great at helping and healing people. She has an amazing talent and a kind calming presence. Every time I visit, I feel so much better and find that I am a better version of myself.”

    ~ Lani
    I firstly just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Tess for hosting such a sacred, wonderful and powerful women’s circle. This was my first time involved with anything like this and I had no idea what to expect – so all I can say is WOW! The way Tess teaches and the way you feel walking away from EVERY session cannot be explained. Tess shares much honesty and love for what she does and it really shows through her work. I felt safe and open to sharing within our group and I can’t thank Tess enough for our time together. It was a great experience – extremely empowering, and I am definitely going to be jumping on board for many more of your circles in the future.”

    ~ Tash