Now is the time.
To action.
To plan.
To get on with it.
To slap procrastination in the face and call it a liar. Big fat liar, pants on fire.
To see that it is not about the small me, but about the greater good.
The desire to serve.

Everything else is distraction and rubbish.
The same old encumbrances want to crash into my consciousness.

You’re tired.
You can’t do it.
You don’t know how.










And the sneaky one that comes in the deep of night to slip that knife between your ribs.

Who do you think you are?

All of this time wasting on dark thinking is now being swept aside.

I’ve picked up the broom of clarity.

You can’t see the beautiful mosaic on the path ahead when it’s covered with dust.

Sweep it away.

There do you see it ??

The majestic pattern laid before you. Miles of beauty under your feet. Take your time but don’t drop that broom.

Otherwise you cannot see the path before you. You cannot envisage what is obscured.

Hold that broom and keep sweeping. Just the little patch in front of your feet. See that brilliant hue?

The magenta, violet and cyan.

The breathtaking design, beautiful beyond imagination.

And it’s laid before you. Look ahead, now see the path.