To love.

Its either there or it’s not. You can’t trap it, lock it down or own it. Some are quite good at playing with love – pseudo, demanding or trauma bonding others with conditional love.

I heard it said that many will stay in a loveless marriage for the 10% of love that is delivered at random moments. Love is that powerful.

So try as you may there is no quick fix to those love issues. It involves a measure of intentional stillness to go within and discover the truth of love for oneself. 

And although love may occur quickly and has miraculous powers of healing strength and courage – think of the heroic mother saving her child, it can be just as fleeting as chasing a gossamer thread in the wind. There is something wonderful and seductive about how quickly one can ‘fall in love’ as well as the popular phrase used by many that love can conquer all…

There is no quick fix to the problems that love delivers to your door. Like a thief in the night you may find that all that was sound and secure at the end of the day is no longer with you when you arise the next. And there is no quick fix to lost or betrayed love. Reconnecting with love and holding the frequency of love is one of our greatest journeys on Earth. Invite love into your life, explore with curiosity and wonder at the many versions and stories throughout your own life experience.

And as you travel through your library of memories, take your time to see those threads of love, some strong and others only there for a moment. Take the inward journey to discover the threads of golden love you carry within.