Did you know Kinesiology sessions can be done online?

Caris Pepper has kindly agreed for Tess to use her session as a demonstration of what an online Kinesiology session is like.

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Testimonial from Caris:

I have been living overseas now for about 3 years and I am so thankful that I can access treatments from Tess online.

I have had so many amazing turning points and moments where I have needed therapy from Tess which have been a godsend. Thank god I could access the support I needed without being physically in the same country.

Yesterday I had a session with Tess online and it was healing and instantly transformative.

My experience with online sessions is that they are very powerful because they are framed, succinct and intimate. There are no distractions and there are no following expectations – no need to drive or be anywhere, so I can drop deeper into a session, being in a safe and restful space. Yesterday I was struggling with a lot of deep issues and areas in my life. I felt very helpless. I felt instant shifts yesterday during and post session.

I could rest deeply, my skin cleared, I felt renewed and was thinking differently about myself, opportunities came to me and my subconscious also processed a major pattern in my life to be healed. 

I can receive the support I need and access help and therapy from anywhere in the world, and as a previous “physical” client of Tess’ I can compare and see the results from online and in person sessions. The results are very much present and powerful, online sessions are effective and the quality is on par if not more pronounced than a physical treatment. I would be very upset if Tess was no longer available for online sessions, and my return sessions are testimony to the change and potency treatments have brought to my life. I continue to see Tess online to this day and as an avid traveller, practitioner in the healing industry, and someone who seeks self development and expansion, I am so grateful for Tess and what she provides me in support of my needs to continue supporting my lifestyle.